Syrian Spouses Suffer Alone as Husbands Abandon Them for European Countries

Syrian Spouses Suffer Alone as Husbands Abandon Them for European Countries

Styles reveal more guys are abandoning their loved ones in international nations for the potential for a brand new life in European countries, claims expert that is legal

Sarah, A syrian refugee in Egypt who had been waiting to adthe womane to her asylum-seeker husband to Sweden, never ever anticipated to be dumped and divorced as her partner changed plans and chose to begin an innovative new life in Germany.

“When we left Damascus three years back and found Egypt, we lived in quite difficult conditions which pressed us to think about leaving to European countries, it had been easier for my hubby to go alone to Libya then to Sweden, hoping which he could be in a position to send me personally reunion papers as he got asylum.”

Sarah, 26, stated that almost a year passed away without having any news from her husband, simply to find out later that he was in Germany, followed closely by an SMS informing her he desired to apply for divorce or separation.

“I requested my moms and dads to function on divorcing me formally to start out new lease of life, my problem is easier than others’ because I lack any kiddies to suffer from me personally.”

Sarah just isn’t alone in this heartbreak, as countless other males have gone their spouses and kids to call home in European countries without any intention of reuniting.

Hussein Salim, a Syrian refugee in Sweden recounted their friend’s tale who left four children to his wife in Jordan without any intention of reuniting, as he does not wish their young ones to reside a Western life because their traditions vary. Continue reading